Embrace Your Awesome

So... if you're one of the few who currently have my first book, you may have noticed the dedication to Andy Devlin on the title page right above where I doodled a half-assed cheesecake or Sophia Petrillo insult.  I am extremely fortunate to have many "best" friends and Andy was and will always remain at the top of that list.  He touched A LOT of souls and inspired every person that he had ever met to be themselves and that it was okay to be weird.  He showed us how to push the boundaries of our creativity.  He taught us how to reach down from within ourselves and transform emotion, good or bad, into art.  He was the type of person to call you on Christmas Eve from the other side of the country and tell you that his van was stuck in the desert.  He would take a genuine interest in anything you had to say and he would make time for everyone, whether he knew them for a lifetime or had just met them.  Andy departed this realm last summer and it's still hard for me to grasp.  Waves of grief come unexpectedly.  I know it will never go away and I don't want it to.  All I can do is reach down from within myself and use that emotion to create art or to try to make someone laugh.

Life is short, people.  Stay young.  Laugh.  Be weird.  Ignore ridicule.  None of what anyone has to say matters.  Have fun, however you find it, whether it's dancing under the stars in a desert or watching a comic book movie with your children.  As Andy would preach, burn your stars bright and embrace your awesome.